Physical Properties and Efficacy of Firefighting Protein Foam for Fuel Oil Derived from the Rubber Seed Kernel


  • ดร.ณัฐบดี วิริยาวัฒน์
  • ผศ.ดร.สุรชาติ สินวรณ์


Rubber seed kernel, protein foam, extinguishing agents, fuel oil


This research aimed to study the properties and compare the formula of protein
foam, including its firefighting capability against fuel oil. The protein was extracted from
rubber seed kernel and then used to produce three formulas of extinguishing agents. Each
formula consisted of the protein solution to alkaline catalysts to water solutions to micro -
zinc oxide ratio : 80 : 5 : 10 : 5 in the 1st formula, 80 : 5 : 5 : 10 in the 2nd formula, and 80 :
5 : 0 : 15 in the 3rd formula while the ratio of the 4th formula was the control formula had
a ratio of 85 : 15 : 0 : 0. The following parameters were studied: 1) stability of foam
2) density of foam 3) overrun 4) viscosity 5) surface tension and 6) the effectiveness of
firefighting foam. Each parameter was tested for seven replicates and the aggregate data
was analyzed by analysis of variance via SPSS using Duncan’s multiple - range test.
Results of this experiment demonstrate that all experimental formulations (the 1st-
3rd formula) were capable of mixing with alkaline catalysts. The foam was strong, dense
and effectively convered the flames of the fire. The addition of micro - zinc oxide made a
fine protein foam and maintained long - lasting foam stability. In regards to density, the 1st
formula was the ieast dense at 0.24 g/cm3 and 4th formula and the 4th formula was the
most dense at 0.67 g/cm3. Foam overrun was highest for the 1st formula at 51.05%.
The stability analysis found that the 1st formula had the highest stability value (24.14%).
The viscosity value of the 3rd formula had the lowest viscosity value (23.73%). Additionally,
it was noted that the 2nd formula also had the highest surface tension, 0.00605 n/m.
Moreover, the 1st formula had the highest efficacy for firefighting.


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