Thermal Adaptation A Theoretical and Empirical Synthesis


  • Dr. Jiranan Piyaphongkul




There are thousands of books written about biology, ecology, molecular biology,
etc., but few have been written by thermal biologists. This book, written by Michael J.
Angilletta Jr., is an ambitious and successful attempt to integrate the various subjects of
biology, ecology, physiology, and behavior into a clear understanding of the fundamental
concepts; it is remarkably free of error of confusion. This book has 289 pages of text that
are divided among its nine chapters. As its title implies, the book illustrates principles of
thermal biology with broad scopes such as an overview of evolutionary thermal biology,
key terms and definition, concepts, and implementation of thermal biology research
related to climate change issues. The most important question for readers is “Who would
benefit from reading this book?” This book contains many excellent examples, case
studies, and photos that help illustrate the points and help readers understand what
thermal biology is all about and also provide excellent ideas for scientists who are
planning and engaging in research. As such, this book is probably a worthwhile purchase
for graduate students, academics and researchers. I hope you will enjoy reading this book
and find it useful.




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