About the Journal

Purpose and scope of publication

            - To disseminate research results in science, technology and innovation in the fields specified in the scope of the journal.

            - To promote the research and conduct of research by professors, researchers, students and the general public. In Science Technology and Innovation.


Scope of the journal

            Science journal Technology and innovation, accept publication of scientific and technological research articles in the field of physical science Biological Sciences Health Sciences Science and technology Science education and other related fields.


Article review process

            Every article published must be considered academic quality from 3 peers review experts per article.


Type of article

            Research article






Schedule of issue of 6 journals per year

            Issue 1 January - February

            Issue 2 March - April

            Issue 3 May - June

            Issue 4 July - August

            Issue 5 September - October

            Issue 6 November – December



            Research and Development Institute, Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University