The System for Finding the Number of Overlapping Items


  • Sarunya Deachnatee Thammasat University
  • Pokpong Songmuang Department of computer science Faculty of science and technology Thammasat University


Test, Linear Equating, Item Response Theory


At present, Test companies cannot estimate the difficulty of test and to evaluate the difficulty of the test according to the Item Response Theory. The test will be used by the same group examinees to test the difficulty of the test. However, the difficulty of finding multiple items cannot be used by all the examinees because the examinees cannot do too many tests. The team has divided the test into several sets, each set does not need to equal and there are overlapping exams. Linear Equating helps to adjust the scores of all items to the same standard. The team expects that the system will be able to evaluate the difficulty of all tests on the same standard.



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