Vehicle Safety Break Distance Alarming System Use LiDAR


  • Nisaphong Kiti คณะครุศาสตร์อุตสาหกรรม สถาบันเทคโนโลยีราชมงคลพระนคร
  • Anon Tingpong
  • Sutee Somaket


LiDAR, Arduino, Speed Sensor


This article has been created by the organizing committee. The Vehicle Safety Break Distance Alarming System Use LiDAR to study braking distance and alerts to reduce the risk of road accidents. Techniques and technologies used include LiDAR A1M8 It acts as an approach alert system that can tell the distance from the object. in conjunction with speed sensor use a speedometer sensor Then experiment to determine the braking distance if the car is approaching an object in front. Braking distance is also related to speed and distance. The results will be in the form of 3 sound frequency notifications. The test was conducted with 2 meter running conditions with simulated speed at 3 Levels: Level 1, Slow speed of 0.5Km/hour, warning distance at Safe alarm will alert at 0.37 meter, on level 2 medium speed 1Km/hour, safe alarm will alert at 0.78 m, on level 3 high speed 1.6Km/hour, safe alarm will alert at 1.2 meter.


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