Temperature Convert Algorithms by Image Processing


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  • Suthipoom Yaowwiwat
  • Peelun Phoboon
  • Chatchapong Photong
  • Kongtub Junzonggool
  • Nuttakit Naudom


Screen the patient, Temperature measurement tools, Digital image processing


From current situation of Corona virus Disease 2019 or COVID-19, it is rapidly occurring and easy to infect. Ability to screen patient from non infected ones by measuring temperature using temperature measurement tools such as infrared thermometers are quite expensive and are not widely used in many areas. Therefore, the idea is to create an instrument that could measure temperature efficiently and with low cost. To reduce the risk of spreading the disease, the application of a webcam together with digital image processing to convert RGB color images to other color spaces is used. Theoretically converting the temperature from the image used for temperature measurement in areas where temperature measurement instruments are limited can expand the area for initial screening of patients. The results will be displayed on the screen that the person's temperature is measured. In this way, it is easier to isolate patients with higher than normal temperatures.


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