Volume of Logging Residue after Teak Clear Cutting: A Case Study of the Mae Kampong-Mae Sai Plantation, Phrae Province

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Pisan Praisri
Torlarp Kamyo
Teeka Yotapakdee
Kritsada Pongkarunyappas


            We estimate the logging volume residues after teak clear-cutting in the Mae Kampong - Mae Sai plantation Rong Kwang district, Phrae province. This study aimed to determine the volume and value of the unused logging residue for trading. A random sampling of 190 trees from a total of 3,800 trees in 169 rai or 5% of the total area was assessed. The logging residue data of the samples was collected for analysis. The results indicated a total logging residue of 10,656 pieces, with a total volume of 23.11 m3 per 190 logs. The total volume of logging residues was estimated at 310 m3/3,800 logs or 201.5 tons or 87.73 %, while the unused logging residues were estimated at 153.6 m3/3,800 logs or 99.84 tons or 12.27 %. The study can be used to choose and collect logging residues to invest in processing and trading into various products to the market. The information can help to improve the plantation management and sustainability of wood derived from plantations.

Keywords: Volume of teak, Logging residue, Teak, Plantation


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