Basic Knowledge of Edible-nest Swiftlet for Sustainable Biodiversity Utilization

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Sangsan Phumsathan
Nantachai Pongpattananurak
Yutthapong Dumsrisuk
Tanit Somleewong
Phrut Rasri


Edible-nest swiftlets is one of economic animals that can generate huge incomes to the country. Currently, Thailand is taking an important step towards promoting the legalization of edible-nest swiftlets to become a national economic animal. Various organizations including government, private sectors, and academic institutes have been engaging in promotion of edible-nest swiftlet ranching in man-made habitat. However, the information of edible-nest swiftlet in Thailand is limited due to the lack of scientific research. This article, as knowledge management process, gathers fundamental knowledge of the biology and ecology of edible-nest swiftlet based on academic studies existing in neighboring countries and Thailand. The information will be served as a fundamental body of knowledge to support decision-makers and private sectors in terms of policy driven development and action to utilize biodiversity in the country's economic development further.

Keywords:   Edible-nest swiftlet, Edible-nest swiftlet ranching, Basic knowledge, Biodiversity utilization


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