Role of Newspaper Journalists Offering News on Natural Resources and the Environment

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Banyen Maenpuen
Kitichai Rattana
Wicha Niyom



This study investigated the importance of newspaper coverage regarding the natural resources and environment with regard to the role of the media in delivering news and factors affecting the presentation of news.  The study involved qualitative research using content analysis.  Environmental news was studied from five newspapers comprising: Thairath, Dailynews, Khaosod, Komchadluek, and Matichon over a one year period.  In-depth interviews were held with 10 environmental journalists and 9 experts.

The study showed that five newspapers had news on natural resources and the environment, totaling 1,825 articles with a minimal amount being presented.  Only 1,270 news articles during the year presented content that was different and discontinuous.  Large amounts were presented during one of the environmental issues, while otherwise only a low level of coverage was presented.  Furthermore, the importance of the environmental news presented on the front page was minimal, with most coverage presented inside the newspapers and the direction of the news was mostly negative.  Thus, the news focused on the fact that there was a problem rather than on the project, the environment or conservation. 

The journalists mentioned a variety of issues involved in presenting environmental news, including that the agency has no policy on the amount and quality of environment coverage and that access to data and information is laborious.  Most of the experts interviewed believed the newspaper's coverage of the presentation, considered that journalists have to know which environmental issues are not being covered or are adequately presented, and that there was a lack of awareness and commitment to delivering environmental news.


Keywords:  Role of journalist, Newspaper offering, News of natural resources and environment

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