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Aniwat Chalermpongse
Thirawat Boonthavikoon


Mangrove-substrate samples collected from the intertidal regions of mangrove were studied at the Mangrove Forest Research Center, Amphur Moung, Ranong Province, South Thailand. Sample materrials such as prop roots, barks, trunks and wood of Rhizophora apiculata Bl., R. mucronata Poir., Sonneratia griffithii kurz, and Nypa Inaticans Wurmb. were examined for the presence of higher marine fungi. Results revealed 59 species of marine fungi, which consisted of 50 Ascomycotina, 7 Deuteromycotina, and 2 Basidiomycotina. Out of which, 26 speceis were identified frequently. The abundant species detected were Savoryella lagricola Jones & Eaton, Aigialus grandis Kohlm. & Schatz, Dactylospora haliotrepha (Kohlm, & E. Kohlm). Hafellner, Halosarpheia abonnis Kohlm., and Massarina velataspora Hyde & Borse, respectively. This finding reflects the fungi that colonize on submerged- mangrove substrates in Ranong and illustrates differences in mycota from one tree species to the next. Studies of this type will suggest us to elucidate the intertidal marine fungi involved in the decomposition and nutrient recycling processes of dead mangroves in Ranong - mangrove ecosystem

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Chalermpongse, A., & Boonthavikoon, T. (2022). INTERTIDAL MARINE FUNGI IN RANONG-MANGROVE ECOSYSTEM. Thai Journal of Forestry, 9(2), 83–92. Retrieved from
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