Effect of Different Rice Varieties and Drying Methods on the Quality of Instant Riceberry Porridge Fortified with Jerusalem Artichoke

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The purposes of this study were to develop formula and to study drying methods of instant Riceberry porridge fortified with dietary fiber from Jerusalem artichoke (JA). Four formulas of instant Riceberry porridge were produced from three rice types, including Riceberry broken rice (RBR), jasmine broken rice (JBR) and sticky broken rice (SBR) with different ratios. The results showed that 100 % instant Riceberry rice porridge had the highest water solubility index and viscosity value. From the sensorial evaluation test, 100 % instant Riceberry rice porridge got the highest score in color and the overall acceptability with slightly like level. The addition of higher JA slurry contents increased water solubility index (WSI) and decreased water absorption index (WAI) (p < 0.05). Riceberry porridge added with JA slurry 5 % got the highest scores of viscosity (6.25±1.45) and overall acceptability (6.38±0.16) with slightly like. Riceberry porridge fortified with JA slurry was dried by a drum dryer at different temperatures. It was found that an increase of drum temperature resulted in a decrease of moisture content and aw of instant Riceberry porridge products, whereas the total phenolic content (TPC) and radical scavenging activity were raised (p < 0.05). Riceberry porridge added JA was also dried by applying the foam-mat drying method. The result indicated that 25 % of methocel solution 2 % was suitable content used as foaming agents due to providing the lowest in foam density, giving the highest overrun and producing foam stability.


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