Factors Affecting to Dental Care Behaviors among the Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Plakrad Sub-district Health Promotion Hospital, Bangrakam District, Phitsanulok Province

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The objective of this correlational descriptive research was to identify the factors affecting dental care behaviors among the type 2 diabetes mellitus patients of Plakrad sub-district health promotion hospital, Bangrakam district, Phitsanulok province. The samples were 140 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. The data were collected by using questionnaires. The data were analyzed for frequency percentage, mean, standard deviation, Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient and stepwise multiple regression analysis. The results revealed that the dental care behaviors were at the good level. Factors related to dental care behaviors were knowledge of oral health care (r = 0.470, p < 0.001), perceived benefits of oral health care (r = 0.460, p < 0.001), perceived susceptibility of oral disease (r = 0.417, p < 0.001), accessibility to oral health care service (r = 0.452, p < 0.001), social support from family (r = 0.498, p < 0.001), social support from friends (r = 0.453, p < 0.001), and social support from medical staffs (r = 0.463, p < 0.001). Three factors, i.e. social support from family, social support from medical staffs, knowledge of oral health care, and perceived benefits of oral health care, together could predict the dental care behaviors among the type 2 diabetes mellitus patients for 51.90% with the significance level of 0.05. It is recommended that the educational activities emphasizing on benefit of oral health care by supporting from the family and medical staff should be created to promote the better dental care behaviors among the type 2 diabetes mellitus patients.


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