Process Improvement of a Used Tractor Selection to Export as a Refurbished Tractor Using Quality Control Tools

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อภิชัย ฤตวิรุฬห์


The refurbished tractor is the high-demand product in a foreign market. A case study farm machinery dealer has received continuous purchase orders all year round. A used tractor from the warehouse has been refurbished to be a product for six refurbished tractors per delivery cycle. The problem is an overdue delivery date of the refurbished-tractors that a service manager has committed to his foreign client. This related to a used tractor selection process without supported information. This research aims to improve a used tractor selection process to export as a refurbished tractor by developing and applying four quality control tools for an efficient problem solving. These quality control tools can transform information data for supporting decision-making process of a used tractor selection. The results showed that a refurbished-tractor process duration has been annually reduced to 24 days or 9.52 %.


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อภิชัย ฤตวิรุฬห์

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