Effect of Marketing Mix Factors on Consumer’s Buying Decisions of Healthy Drinks in Bangkok

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The study of the marketing mix factors which influence purchase decisions for healthy drinks of 400 consumers in Bangkok was investigated during May-November 2019. Data were collected by using the questionnaire and analyzed with descriptive and inferential statistics by using one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). The result reviewed that most of the consumer samples were female aged between 21-30 years and graduated with bachelor degree or equivalent. In addition, the consumers gave precedence to all of the four elements of marketing mix at the highest level ( = 4.26). In term of each element, the customer strongly considered; (1) product: clean and safe product ( = 4.66), (2) price: price is reasonable when compared with the benefits or nutrients that will be received ( = 4.47), (3) place: locations are convenient to buy ( = 4.40), and (4) promotion: having a product advertisement clearly ( = 4.18) and media advertising ( = 4.18). Moreover, the hypothesis testing was shown that the customer income significantly affected the marketing mix in term of product and price (p≤0.05). However, all the demographic results did not significantly affect the marketing mix in term of place and promotion (p>0.05). The entrepreneurs can apply these finding results for the strategic marketing plan of healthy drink products in the future.


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