Utilization of Latex Waste Sludge from Concentrated Latex Factories to Produce Fertilizers for Growing Manila Grass

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Naprarath Waijarean
Somtip Danteravanich


Latex waste sludge is a solid waste produced from concentrated latex factories. This waste causes odor problems and storage space, as well as its disposal via burning generates environmental pollution. This research aims to investigate the effectiveness of utilizing this latex waste sludge as a fertilizer to grow Manila grass. The study consisted of 20 experimental sets of grass planting plots, both small and large, in which dried powder and dried sheet forms of latex waste sludge were compared to chemical fertilizers with a 15-0-0 formula. The growth of grass and soil characteristics of each experimental set were analyzed. The best results obtained from the small planting plots were then tested on larger grass planting plots. The results showed that growing Manila grass with dried sheet latex waste sludge resulted in the highest grass yield. The dry weight and volatile solids content of grass increased by 1,427% and 1,777% during the 50-day planting period. Additionally, the results obtained were superior to those of chemical fertilizers. Similar results were observed when experimenting with larger plots of grass. The cost of preparing dried sheet latex waste sludge was found to be only 1.3 Baht/kg (dry weight). In conclusion, latex waste sludge has the potential to replace chemical fertilizers for growing Manila grass without the need for composting.

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Biological Sciences