Laws That Should Not Be True in Pharmacology

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Chiravat Sadavongvivad


The Laws of C. Northeote Parkinson are not laws of nature; they are proposed to ridicule behaviors that fit them. Calling ''Action expands to fill the void created by human failure" a law sardonically conceals the laughter on the predictable inanities of the lesser-souls.

Progress in pharmacology, like most other fields, depends on the works of professionals from many disciplines. This fact in no way undermines the strength of the profession; but inability to follow new progress in pharmacology which is multidisciplinary, will be a serious failure of professional pharmacologist. Attracting experts in other fields into the profession and strengthening the multidisciplinary bases of pharmacology is a more preferable attitude than responding, with fullproof of insecurity, in the manners of Parkinson's Law.


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