Anxiolytic-Like Effects of Morinda Citrifolia L.(Noni) in Rats

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Sarinee Kalandakanond
Jantarima Pandaranandaga
Siripen Komolvanich
Sutthasinee Poonyachoti


Noni juice (Marinda Citrifolia L.) had long been known as a medicinal plant in folklore medicine in tropical countries and Pacific islands. To date, the only available scientific knowledge was focused on antioxidant and anti-cancer effects, while it was claimed to have beneficial effects on stress relieved and happiness feeling by the noni juice consumers. The central effect of noni was demonstrated from the noni root extract to contain sedative and analgesic properties. In this study, we utilized an elevated-plus maze (EPM), a standard test for anxiety in rats to determine whether noni beverages contained an anxiolytic property. We found that noni juices from two commercially available sources had marked effect on the anxiety-related behavioral parameter on EPM in rat. This effect was comparable to that of diazepam, a clinically effective anxiolytic drug. Noni juices and diazepam can increase time spent in the opened-arm of the EPM, the indicator of anxiolytic-like behaviors without effect on locomotor activity. Additionally, we did not find any detrimental effect on liver and kidney functions when the noni juice was fed for 30 days; the daily weight gain and feed intake were not affected as well.

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