Koi: Medicinal plant for oral hygiene

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Sopit Wongkham
Suwimol Taweechaisupapong


Study of natural products for disease prevention and health promotion is popular in the past decade, including oral hygiene. Koi (Streblus asper Lour), a medicinal plant, has been known for long time for its potential activity in oral hygiene, especially tooth and gum. No toxicity of Koi extract was shown in acute and sub-acute toxicity test in experimental animals. Several experimental studies indicate the anti-bacterial activity of Koi extract towards dental caries associated bacteria, endodontic and periodontal pathogens. In addition, Koi extract could inhibit the adhesion of Candida albicans to human buccal epithelial cells and acrylic.

Using toothpaste or mouth-rinse containing Koi extract could decrease the total number of oral Streptococcus mutans. Rinse mouth with Koi extract only once for 1 minute, significantly reduced number of oral S. mutans within 30 to 60 minutes and returned to the original base line at 3 hours Moreover, rinses mouth with Koi extract twice a day for 4 days, significantly reduced gingivitis as compared to those rinsed with distilled water.

The evidences from experimental and human studies indicate the potential development of Koi extract as a natural product for oral hygiene.


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