Neutralization of Naja kaouthia Venom in Mice by Trigonostmon reidioides Craib. and Areca catechu Linn. Extracts.

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Arunrat Srithamma
Pornpen Pramyothin
Narumol Pakmanee


This study was aimed to investigate the inhibitory effects of Trigonostemon reidioides Craib. and Areca catechu Linn. on lethality and myotoxicity of Naja kaouthia venom in mice. In neutralization study, filtrate of water extracts from each plant or mixed-plants was pre-incubated with N. kaouthia venom at 37°C, 1 h prior to intramuscular injection. Water extracts from A. catechu or mixed-plants showed neutralization activity. A. catechu extract at dose 0.2 mg/mouse completely protected mice receiving the LD100 dose (8 μg/mouse) of N. kaouthia venom. Mixed-plant extract (T. reidioides: A. catechu) at a dose ratio of 2.4:0.8 mg/mouse prolonged the survival time of mice receiving LD100 of venom. It increased % survival of mice from 0% to 66.67%. The extract of T. reidioides did not have the neutralization activity.

In anti-lethal activity study, only the unfiltered water extract of mixed-plants (T. reidioides: A. catechu) at a dose ratio of 1.2:0.4 mg/mouse increased survival of mice from 6.25% to 31.25%, when given 1 h prior to the venom injection. It also decreased creatine phosphokinase (CPK) activity induced by N. kaouthia venom (4 μg/mouse) from 2,632 ± 498 units/L to 585 ± 139 units/L. In conclusions, preparation of T. reidioides and A. catechu could inhibit lethality and myotoxicity of N. kaouthia venom.


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