Prospective Study of Adverse Reactions of Antiepileptic Drugs in Thai Outpatients

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Pakdee Pothisiri
Kittima Makarananda
Kampon Sriwatanakul
Puntarika Charoonroj
Ubonwan Pongprayoon
Siriphan Eamrungroj


Adverse reactions of antiepileptic drugs were being monitored prospectively in 560 outpatients (52.9% male) suffering from convulsive disorders in two major Bangkok Metropolitan hospitals. The patients were interviewed by trained observers using an open-ended question and a check list of known adverse reactions at least twice after receiving the drugs. Patients' medical records were also reviewed. Six different anti-epileptic drugs were being prescribed in the descending order: phenobarbital (42.5%), phenytoin (38.8%), carbamazepine (8.6%), clonazepam (6.4%), primidone(3.0%), and sodium valproate (0.7%). Nineteen percents of the patients reported some adverse effects of which 25% were sedation. Other adverse reactions were also related to central nervous system e.g. dizziness drowsiness, headache. No serious adverse effects were noted.


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