Non-Therapeutic Usage of Paracetamol by Opium Addicts in Hilltribe Village

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Tavipan Tantachamroon
Laddawan Sunyapridakul


Paracetamol, the most prescribed analgesic-antipyretic drug among hill tribes by the visiting volunteer medical team, was employed by opium addicts for non-therapeutic purpose. Ban Longluang is a Kareng's village, located at the attitude above sea level of 2000 feet, where-which the Visiting Medical Team visited there by helicopter transportation. Two middle aged males among the 200 villagers seen at the mobile clinic were found that they frequently used paracetamol mixing with opium for smoking. Paracetamol was melted by heat and it was mixed with opium powder to make the opium a better uniformly formed substance and more easier for preparation and smoking. They demonstrated their procedure and informed that the mixture did not render a more superior pleasurable feeling than the use of opium alone. Hence, primarily paracetamol is used for obtaining a better mixing of opium powder and for better smoking. Whether or not that this type of paracetamol-opium abuse may interfere any physiological, pathological or pharmacological processes remains to be elucidated.


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1985 Annual Meeting Abstracts/Lectures