Study on Cytotoxic and Antioxidant Activities of Pseuderathemum platiferum

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Bhanuz Dechayont
Bhudsaban Sukkan
Intouch Sakpakdeejaroen
Arunporn Itharat


The aim of this investigation was to determine the total phenolic content, cytotoxic
and antioxidant activities of Pseuderanthemum palatiferum extracts ( Payawanon in Thai). It
was used to treat various diseases in Veitnam. Its leaves which were used to treat cancer
were extracted by different methods and got 11 crude extracts. These extracts were tested
cytotoxic activity against two types of lung cancer cells (COR-L23 and A549) and liver
cancer cells (HepG2) by SRB assay. They were also tested antioxidant activity by DPPH
assay and determine total phenolic content using the Folin–Ciocalteu method.. They were
found that the dry leaves extract by macerated with 95%EtOH showed cytotoxic activity
against COR-L23 and A549 (IC50 = 31.70 and 40.68 μg/ml respectively). The dry leaves
extract by decoction method exhibited the highest antioxidant activity ( EC50 value of 5.95
μg/ml). The total phenolic content of dry leaves extract by soxhlet extraction with methanol
showed the highest content followed by fresh leaves extract by maceration with 95%EtOH
and fresh leaves extract by decoction (GAE = 137.17, 127.58, 126.75 mg/g, respectively). In
the conclusion, P. palatiferum have non specific cytotoxic effect against lung cancer and also
showed high total phenolics content and high antioxidant activity. Thus, these results
suggest that this plant could be supported ethnomedical used to treat cancer .

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2010 Annual Meeting Abstracts/Lectures