Cytotoxic and Antioxidant Activities of the Ethanolic Extract from Dioscorea Birmanica Prain & Burkill

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Nuanjan Jaiaree
Arunporn Itharat


The objective of this research is to investigating on antioxidant and cytotoxic
activities against cancer cells of Dioscorea birmanica Prain & Burkill extract which Thai
traditional medicine used to treat cancer patients . Cytotoxic activity was tested against two
type of lung cancer cell line (CORL23 and A549) and one type of normal lung cell (MRC5)
by sulforhodamine B assay The antioxidant activity evaluated by DPPH assay. The results
were found that the ethanolic extract of Dioscorea birmanica Prain & Burkill showed high
cytotoxic activity against lung cancer cells ; A 549 and COR-L23 (IC50= 7.45± 0.31, 8.71 ±
0.29 μg/ ml respectively ) but no cytotoxic activity against normal cancer cells MRC5
(IC50= 94.76. ± 1.25 μg/ ml).
The antioxidant activity of the ethanolic extract of this plant was evaluate as EC50 as
9.35 ± 0.62μg/ml . Six fractions were isolated by vaccuum liquid chromatography by
ordering polarity of solvent (hexane, hexane: chloroform 1:1, chloroform,
chloroform:methanol 8:2, chloroform :methanol 1:1 and methanol were code as F1-F6
respectively). It found that F4 showed the highest cytotoxic against A595 and F5 showed the
highest activity against COR-L23 (6.07 and 16.44 μg/ml respectively). Two these fraction
less active against normal cell. F3 showed the highest antioxidant activity followed by F4 and
F5 (11.5, 14.9 and 15.5 respectively). Thus it is concluded that F4 and F5 should be
continuous isolated cytotoxic and antioxidant compounds for discovery anticancer drug from
this plant in the future


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2010 Annual Meeting Abstracts/Lectures