Antifungal Activity of Alpinia Galanga and Allium Ascalonicum Extracts

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Arinee Chatchawanchonteera
Wittaya Suriyasathaporn
Nopamart Trakranrungsie


The objective of this study was to evaluate the inhibitory effects of Alpinia galanga (Zingiberaceae) and Allium ascalonicum (Liliaceae) on filamentous fungi (M.canis, M.gypseum and T.mentagophyte) and an opportunistic yeast (Candida albicans), using a broth dilution technique. The table showed the IC50±SEM and Emax±SEM of the plant extracts, compared to those of ketoconazole and griseofluvin. According to the IC50 values, the extract of A. galanga exhibited a more pronouncing effect against M. canis than other fungi, while the effect of A. ascalonicum on the tested microorganisms was not significantly different. Taken together with our previous study on the effect of Piper betle, it is concluded that both A. galanga and A. ascalonicum could serve as the alternatives for the antifungal recipes. However, possible side effects remain to be determined.


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2003 Annual Meeting Abstracts/Lectures