Cytotoxic Activity of Hommali 105 Rice Bran Extract Against Human Cancer Cells

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Sakuntala Uttama
Arunporn Ittharat


The objectives of this research are the investigation for the cytotoxic activity against
cancer cells of Hommali 105 rice bran (Oryza sativa) extracts by seven difference extraction
methods. The methods of extraction were maceration by 95% ethanol, supercritical fluid
extraction, boiling in water, freeze dry expression method and Soxhlet extraction by using
different solvent such as hexane, chloroform and methanol. The highest percentage of yield
derived from the water extract was 21.7. Cytotoxic activities screening by the SRB assay
were carried out against four human cancer cell lines: lung (CORL23), cervical (Hela),
prostate (PC3) and breast (MCF-7) and normal human cells line (MRC5). The results found
that the chloroform extract showed the highest inhibition against prostate cancer cells,
followed by cervical and breast cancer cells ( 46.9%, 29.6% and 21.58%, respectively), but it
had no cytotxic activities against both lung cancer and normal cells . This extract is also
selective cytotoxic activities against only human cancer cells depend on hormone such as
prostate (PC3) cervical (Hela) and breast (MCF-7) cells.

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2010 Annual Meeting Abstracts/Lectures