Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities of Thai Medicinal Plants Named Hua-Khao-Yen

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Srisopha Ruangnoo
Arunporn Itharat


Two species of Thai medicinal plants named Hua-Khao-Yen were investigated for
their antioxidant and cytotoxic activities against two types of human lung cancer cells (A549
and COR-L23) and human normal lung cells (MRC5). The extract procedures used were
similar to those practiced by Thai traditional doctors (water and ethanolic extract). The results
found that the ethanolic extract of Dioscorea membranacea Pierre (DME) exhibited the
highest cytotoxic activities against A549 and COR-L23 cancer cells (IC50 values were
15.25+1.36 and 12.63±0.43 μg/ml, respectively), whereas the water extract of Dioscorea
membranacea (DMW), the water and ethanolic extract of Smilax corbularia (SCW and SCE)
showed no cytotoxic activity against all cancer cells. SCW, SCE and DME exhibited
antioxidant activities by DPPH assay (EC50 = 6.40+0.40, 4.20+0.12 and 10.34+1.4 μg/ml,
respectively). These results supported using Dioscorea membranacea for cancer treatment by
Thai traditional doctors.

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2010 Annual Meeting Abstracts/Lectures
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Srisopha Ruangnoo

Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Thammasat University, Pathumthani