Formulation and Stability Test of Benjakul Extract Tablets: a Preliminary Study

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Manthana Suthanurak
Intouch Sakpakdeejaroen
Ruchilak Rattarom
Arunporn Itharat


Benjakul is a Thai Traditional medicine preparation, used for balanced health. In our
previous study, the ethanolic extract of Benjakul preparation exhibited high cytotoxic activity
against COR-L23. In this study, we formulated a Benjakul extract tablet and tested product
stability under accelerated condition. A wet granulation method was used in developing the
tablets. The suitable excipients were lactose, starch, Explotab® and magnesium stearate. The
physical properties of tablets were evaluated following by the USP25 requirements. The
results of stability testing found that stability of Benjakul extract tablet related with stability
of Benjakul extract from our previous studied. It was indicated that plumbagin is unstable and
the cytotoxic activity depend on plumbagin content. Thus, the cytotoxic activity against
COR-L23 was also reduced.


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2010 Annual Meeting Abstracts/Lectures