Antispasmodic Effects of Alcoholic Extracts from Polyherbal Formulation “Prasaplai” on Isolated Rat Uterine Horn

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Sureerat Rangsimantuchat
Prasarn Dhumma-upakorn
Suree Jianmongkol


This study investigated the spasmolytic effect of the alcoholic extracts from
polyherbal formulation “Prasaplai” (PSP01 and PSP02), in comparison with the alcoholic
extract from Zingiber cassumunar Roxb. (PSPoil), using in the in vitro model of isolated rat
uterine horn. Our result indicated that all of the test materials significantly relaxed the muscle
tension pretreated with oxytocin (2 nM) and KCl (50 mM) in concentration-dependent
manner. The IC50 (inhibition of force) of PSP01, PSP02 and PSPoil on oxytocin-induced
contraction were 27.48±2.89, 30.26±4.44 and 32.51±3.05 μg/ml, respectively. The IC50 of
these extracts on KCl-induced contraction were 20.11±2.72, 19.67±2.99 and 27.80±4.62
μg/ml, respectively. This study demonstrated that the alcoholic extracts of polyherbal
formulation “Prasaplai” contained spasmolytic activity on the uterus muscle. In addition, the
prasaplai extracts were more potent than the extract of its major herbal ingredient.

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2010 Annual Meeting Abstracts/Lectures