Method Validation for Simultaneous Determination Methamphetamine and its Metabolite Amphetamine in Rat Liver by Using GC-FID

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Wijittra Kaewnam
Sathaporn Prutipanlai
Benjamas Janchawee
Sittipoom Thainchaiwattana


The purpose of these studies was to develop method for simultaneous determination
of methamphetamine (MA) and its metabolite amphetamine (AM) in rat liver. Quantification
of MA and AM in rat liver by using gas chromatography with a flame ionization detector
(GC-FID) was validated. The chromatography used a VertiBondTM 5 capillary column (30 m
x 0.32 mm i.d., 0.25 μm film thickness). Sample of rat liver was extracted by liquid-liquid
extraction. MA and AM were well separated within 12.8 min. The calibration curves were
linear with good correlation coefficient. The intra- and inter-day precisions of the method
were 8.35-10.97%RSD and 4.79-8.58%RSD for AM, 7.94-9.58%RSD and 8.51-12.21%RSD
for MA. The accuracy ranged from (-) 14.77 to (+) 5.41%DEV for AM and (-) 6.98 to (+)
4.11%DEV for MA. The results were shown good recovery both AM and MA. The limit of
detection and limit of quantification of AM and MA were 6.25 μg/g and 9.375 μg/g,
respectively. It was shown to be useful for the study of pharmacokinetic and forensic

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2010 Annual Meeting Abstracts/Lectures