Research and Development of Turmeric Oil Isolated from Curcuma Longa (Fam. Zingiberaceae) to Help the HIV Infected Patients

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Amphawan Apisariyakul
Duang Buddhasukh
Nongnuch Vanittanakom
Siri Chioeacharnwit
Noppamas Rojanasatien


The HIV virus infection is the important problem of Thailand. The patients infected with HIV-1 virus were spread out all over the world, the HIV-2 infected patients were found in west Africa but it is not severe as HIV-1 infection. The AIDS patients having immune deficiency, may induce undesirable symptoms such as fever, nausea vomiting, cramp, dizziness; headache and may cause severe disease such as tuberculosis. The objective of this research in to prove the antifungal activity of turmeric oil against Penicillium marneffei, Candida albicans, Clyptococcus neoformans which are the fungi isolated from HIV patients. Another objective of this study is to observe and follow up the HIV patients after giving vitamins and turmeric oil cream preparation. We also studied the effect of turmeric oil cream in normal volunteers and with fungal infection.

From this study, turmeric oil isolated from turmeric by steam distillation is clear pale yellow liquid, soluble in 70-80% ethanol yield average 1-3% of raw material, and possesses 20 chemicals structure by Gas Chromatography analysis. The sensitivity test of turmeric oil on the different fungi microorganisms was studied in comparison to standard drug, amphotericin B in different doses. Turmeric oil in the dilution of 1: 160-1:20 could inhibit growth of Candida albicans 34 isolates (strains) from 37 isolates, dilution of 1: 160-1:10 could inhibit growth of Clyptococcus neoformans 33 isolates and dilution of 1:160-1:40 could inhibitPenicilliwn marneffei all of isolates 37 isolates. In this study, the researchers will give counselling to HIV patients, give the knowledge of health care, health promotion informations about how to use medicinal plants, medicine, home care, food every month, and giving vitamin C, Vitamin B, B2, Vitamin B complex. Turmeric oil cream were prepared and the patients need to receive this new drug preparation for skin rash, the results was found that turmeric oil cream was good for them, and they need more for skin therapy.

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