Primary Cultures of Cholangiocarcinoma Established from Bile Fluid Express Insulin-Like Growth Factor I And Fas

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Adisak Wongkajornsilp
Yudhtana Sattawatthamrong
Sukit Huabprasert


Cholangiocarcinoma cells were isolated from biliary fluid aspirated from the lumen of bile duct upstream from the intrahepatic obstruction in subjects inflicted with cholangiocarcinoma using endoscopic retrograde cholecystopancreatomy (ERCP). These established cultured cells were confirmed for their epithelial origin by their intensely staining with primary antibody against cytokeratin. By using flow cytometric analysis, these cultured cells were positively stained for insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-1) and Fas (CD95) using the respective specific monoclonal antibodies. The findings of IGF-1 expression suggested that IGF-1 could mediate an autocrine action in the proliferation of these cells. The dowmegulation of IGF-1 within these cells may have a therapeutic potential in the respective subjects. The observation of Fas on these cells suggested that these cancer cells could enter into apoptotic stage in responsive to contact with Fas ligand (CD95L).


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2000 Annual Meeting Abstracts/Lectures