A Modified Hot Plate Method

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Muckda Chitcharoenthum
Watcharee Khunkitti


Hot plate induced-algesia is selectively inhibited by a central acting analgesiccompound like morphine. This experiment investigated the factors involved in the hot platemethod, beginingwith the temperature of the plate. Mice treated with either aspirin,diclofenac, morphine and Cardiospermumhalicacabum, Linn,extract were placed on a glass cylinder, in a water bath to determine their response threshold. Each animal was tested four times at hourly interval. The first two times of testing before drug administration were averaged and represented the control threshold. The results show different levels of responsein temperature and in time between those mice treated with paracetamol, diclofenac andthose treated with morphine. If factors involved in the hot plate testing are known and controlled, the central and peripheral acting analgesic compound may be distinguished by the level of temperature and time of response.

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