Could Mawaeng Krueo Fruits (Solanum trilobatum Linn) Produce Expectoration Effect ?

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Suporn Klyprayong
Punsup Wongsurakiat
Pimolvan Tappayuthpijarn
Boonchua Dhorranintra


To evaluate the effects of Mawaeng krueo fruits syrup, simple syrup and bromhexine syrup on the increase sputum volume and viscosity reduction in chronic bronchitis patients. This study was performed in 12 chronic bronchitis patients with productive cough. They were 6 males 6 females, age ranged 23-70 years, weight 33-75 kg. The expectoration effects of 85% syrup of the crude extract  were compared with those of the simple and bromhexine syrups. 10 ml syrups were administered three times a day after meal for three days in a single blind cross over design. The patients were evaluated on the third day after each trial in pulmonary function tests, the sputum volume and the sputum viscosity. The frequency and severity of day time and night time cough were assessed subjectively by the patients. As expected, Mawaeng krueo fruits syrup could not decrease the frequency and severity of the cough during the day and night time. The PEFR, %FEV 1 and FVC remained unchange. The sputum volume were slightly increased with some decrease of the viscosity. However, there was no significant difference of the change of the sputum volume and viscosity between Mawaeng krueo fruits and bromhexine syrup regimens. The study should be performed by increasing the dose of the extract in more bronchitis patients to obtain the significant results. In summary, Mawaeng krueo fruits syrup could increase the sputum volume and decrease the viscosity in chronic bronchitis patients.


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2001 Annual Meeting Abstracts/Lectures