Pharmacological Practices and Needs of the Dentists Graduated from Mahidol University

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Chavengkiat Saengsirinavin


Five hundred and twelve questionnaires were distributed to the dentists graduated from Mahidol University in order to get the feedback information relating to their pharmacological practices and needs. The total number of responses were 183 (35.74%). Most of the dentists (94.5%) have been applying pharmacological knowledge in their profession. Majority of them (70.52 %) occasionally encountered to problems in the drugs prescriptions. The drugs that have been used frequently included local anesthetics, analgesics and antibiotics. Most of the dentists (90.64%) would like to obtain current information and continuing education in clinical pharmacology. According to these results, it is tempting to suggest that the pharmacology curriculum at the Dental School of Mahidol University be adjusted to fulfil the needs of the dentists in their professional practices.


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