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Food technologists play a significant role in the development of food products. Applying basic science, food raw materials have been processed to add value and variety to meet the needs of consumers. This can be seen from the research articles in the Journal of Food Technology, volume 18, issue 1, which presents research results on high-pressure technology that contributes to meat  tenderness, solar dome drying and effect of packing conditions, high resistant starch biscuits from purple sweet potato and local ingredients golden pompano and green caviar seaweed developed into a Thai sausage.

Food Technology Journal of Siam University has been published with the aim of disseminating research results and services to society. Every article has been reviewed by experts in related fields from many educational institutions. The editorial team hopes that readers will gain useful knowledge in academics and can also be used as a further reference.

ISSN 1686-3070 (Print)

ISSN 2651-1169 (Online)


Published: 2023-06-28