About the Journal

ANRES has required a publication fee since 1st February 2018. Every manuscripts submitted after 1st February 2018 has to pay USD 200 per an article (THB 5,000 per an article for Thai affiliation as ANRES is supported by Kasetsart University and the Thai government). There is no option of refund once the fee is paid.

Paper submission via the ScholarOne system will be terminated on 24 December 2022. Please note that Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANRES) will be fully functional under the ScholarOne system again from 1 April 2023 onward. 

Aims and scope

Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANRES) is a peer reviewed international scientific journal which publishes papers in the categories of review articles, research articles and short communications and technical notes from all areas related to agricultural disciplines. It covers original, previously unpublished research regarding any theories and practices that are related to agricultural applications. Submitted articles will be examined by a scientific committee and anonymous evaluators and published every two months in HTML and PDF formats (January, March, May, July, September, and November). ANRES is produced and hosted by Kasetsart University Research and Development Institute(KURDI) on behalf of Kasetsart University.

The following areas are covered in the Journal:

  • Biodiversity, Environment, Ecology
  • Bio-resource, Genetics and Genomic
  • Agricultural Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Microbiology
  • Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences
  • Plant Sciences (Agronomy, Horticulture, Forestry, etc.)
  • Plant Protections and Natural Products (Entomology, Plant Pathology, Biological Controls, Pest Controls, etc.)
  • Animal Sciences, Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Veterinary Sciences (including Pets and Wildlife)
  • Agricultural Technology, Logistics, Engineer, and Data Sciences
  • Food Sciences and Industry


  • All manuscripts must be consistent with the Journal’s manuscript preparation requirements.
  • Only research results using a scientific approach are accepted for publication. (agricultural research using social science approaches is not accepted.)
  • Natural Product Manuscripts
    Manuscripts reporting biological activities of crude extracts will only be considered for publication in ANRES if they report a profound application or utilization of plants or microorganisms. Reported active constituents must be purified to homogeneity with complete spectroscopic characterization. It is highly recommended that the biological activities of pure compounds be reported along with those of the crude extracts. GC-MS or LC-MS profilings must be accompanied by preparative separation of active compounds with a complete characterization.

Please note the required spectroscopic characterization data for pure compounds are:

1. 1H NMR spectra
2. 13C NMR spectra
3. High-resolution mass spectra (HRMS) or elemental analysis