Consolidated Bioprocessing of Ethanol from Corn Straw by Saccharomyces Diastaticus and Wikerhamomyces Chambardii


  • Blessing Adelabu Department of Microbiology, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria
  • Sarafadeen Kareem
  • Flora Oluwafemi
  • Abideen Adeogun



Consolidated bioprocessing, Cellulosic ethanol, Yeast, W. chambardii, S. diastaticus


Consolidated bioprocessing (CBP), which integrates enzyme production, saccharification and fermentation into a one-step process, is a promising strategy for cost-effective ethanol production from starchy biomass. Two yeast strains namely; Saccharomyces diastaticus and Wickerhamomyces chambardii were selected for direct bioethanol production from corn straw medium for 72 h. These strains were able to utilize cellulose directly and highest bioethanol production was recorded at 48 h of fermentation. Maximum ethanol production was achieved by S. diastaticus at 35 °C, pH 5.0 in the medium containing 7.5% (w/v) during fermentation. The yeast isolates were able to tolerate wide ranges of temperature, pH and substrate concentration for higher ethanol production. This study presents the potential of S. diastaticus and W. chambardii in cellulose-based ethanol production by consolidated bioprocessing. This strategy will eliminate multistage process of ethanol production which will lead to reduction of the overall production cost.


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