Anatomical and Fibers Connection Studies of Cerebrum in Domestic Pig by Blunt Dissection and Brain Slice Sections

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Bunnaruk Kaewcharoon


Normal brains of domestic pigs from a slaughter house were preserved in 10% formalin for the anatomical study. The study found that the cerebrum structure of the cerebrum of the cerebrum was the same as the gyrus and the sulcus as in other mammals, but the shape and components were different. There were differences in each child’s brain. Which corresponds to Getty (1975), reported that in the brain between the four stomachs and the horse with single stomached, and a big four-stomached and a small four-stomached animals, there would be differences in appearance and composition. Studying fibers in the large brain of pigs by blunt dissection clearly showed the nature and direction of the nerve fibers in the internal capsule, corpus callosum, corona radiate and
callosal radiation groups, with different running and spreading routes as follows projection fibers (internal capsule), consisting of anterior limb, posterior limb and genu, run vertically in the brain, as a way of communicating neurons in the same hemisphere, commissural fibers (corpus callosum), composed of rostrum, genu, body and splenium, run in a horizontal plane. To be a way of communicating neurons between different brain hemispheres, association fibers were nerve fibers that connected neurons between the gyrus and the gyrus in the same brain. These nerve pathways spread across all brain tissue to help each other work in relation to each other. A study of the location of critical nerve fibers and nucleus in the brain from the Luxol fast blue coronal section, found that the nerve fibers in the pig brain plate, by the projection fibers, commissural fibers, and association fibers, had the same pathway as those of mammals, but it was unable to track the running path of
all contact pathways in all directions, because the nerves would mingle with each other.

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Bunnaruk Kaewcharoon, Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok


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