Robust Multiple Linear Regression for Outliers in Dependent Variables

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Kanlaya Boonlha
Maytinee Chompoosawang


The purpose of this study was to compare the methods of regression coefficient estimation when data contain outliers in dependent variable in the multiple linear regression models for 3 methods, ordinary least squares method (OLS), M method using Andrews weight function (M - Andrews) and GM method using Huber weight function (GM – Huber). Simulated data by Monte Carlo technique, repeated 1,000 times for each situation with R programming version 3.6.1. For simulated data, 3independent variables with gif.latex?\beta_{0}=0,1,-1  when gif.latex?\beta_{1}=&space;\beta_{2}&space;=&space;\beta_{3}=1 and gif.latex?\beta_{1}=&space;\beta_{2}&space;=&space;\beta_{3}=-1 The percentage of outliers was 0, 10, 20 and 30, and sample size was 20, 30, 50 and 100 total 120 situations. The criterion of comparison was mean square error (MSE). The results showed that in case of no outliers on the data, OLS and M – Andrews was mostly the lowest of MSE. When data contain outliers in dependent variable the GM – Huber provided generally the lowest of MSE in all situations except the sample size is 20 and 30 when percentage of outlier equal 30, the M – Andrews and OLS was the lowest of MSE.


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Boonlha, K., & Chompoosawang , M. (2021). Robust Multiple Linear Regression for Outliers in Dependent Variables. Journal of Science Ladkrabang, 30(1), 81-92. Retrieved from
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