Coset of a Hypergroup (G,\circ_{N})

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Witthawas Phanthawimol


A hyperoperation on a nonempty set gif.latex?H is a function gif.latex?\circ&space;:&space;H\times&space;H\rightarrow&space;P(H)\setminus&space;\{&space;\varnothing&space;\} where gif.latex?P(H) is the power set of gif.latex?H. The value of any gif.latex?(x,y)\in&space;H\times&space;H under gif.latex?\circ is denoted by gif.latex?x\circ&space;y which is called the hyperproduct of gif.latex?x and gif.latex?y. If we have gif.latex?G is a group and gif.latex?N is a normal subgroup of gif.latex?G, then gif.latex?(G,\circ&space;_{N}) is a hypergroup where the hyperoperationis gif.latex?\circ&space;_{N} defined by gif.latex?x\circ_{N}y=(xy)N for all gif.latex?x,y\in&space;G.

We take a hyperoperation gif.latex?\circ&space;_{N} to construct cosets of any subgroup gif.latex?H of gif.latex?G instead of coset multiplication by binary operation of gif.latex?G and studies basic properties of this new structure of coset.


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