Designing and Developing a Prototype System for Cat Feeding Using IoT Devices and Image Processing Techniques

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Nitiphoom Yaipangkeaw
Walailuck Wongruen


This paper presents the design and development of a prototype system for cat feeding using IoT devices and image processing techniques. The proposed system allows cat owners to determine the properly amount of food for their cats and know the relevant information through a mobile application. The accuracy of the proposed system depends on the cat identification process. Two features used to identify cats in this study were areas and colors of the cat collars. There were three cats used in the testing of this system. The cat identification accuracy was 88.75% based on 480 tests. We expect that the designed and developed cat feeding prototype system will be useful to cat owners who want to track and know their cat's food intake.

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Yaipangkeaw, N., & Wongruen, W. (2023). Designing and Developing a Prototype System for Cat Feeding Using IoT Devices and Image Processing Techniques. Journal of Science Ladkrabang, 32(1), 53–71. Retrieved from
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