Influence of Pomelo Albedo on Characteristics of Chicken Sausage Emulsion Systems


  • Monruthai Srithongkerd
  • Jirawan Watcharakhun
  • Kawin Morntanom


Albedo,, Emulsion, Chicken Sausage, Emulsion System


The purpose of this research was to study the effect of the addition of albedo
from pomelo peel on the properties of meat emulsions. The meat emulsion models
were prepared by increasing the concentration of the albedo from pomelo peel (fresh
and dried) from 0, 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10% (by weight). The analysis of the forming
stability, color, viscosity and flow of emulsion was carried out. It was found that the
addition of albedo from the pomelo peel resulted in increased the stability and
occurrence of emulsion; the maximum values were reached with the inclusion of 5
percent albedo. The stability of the emulsion was higher with albedo inclusion
under non-dried conditions and also resulted in lower brightness values for a* and
b* and increased viscosity. Emulsions that included dry albedo were not as viscous
as emulsions that included fresh albedo. Ultimately, this study demonstrates
that albedo, Addition of pomelo albedo at 5% can be improved and developed the
chicken sausage. Moreover, the addition of fresh pomelo albedo resulted in chicken
sausage has good characteristic which affected on consumer’s acceptance of all
attribute. For sensory evaluation, acceptance score from consumer in appearance,
color, flavor, hardness, elasticity and overall liking were 8.56±0.64, 8.36±0.75,
8.40±0.61, 8.24±0.59, 8.18±0.52, 8.20±0.53 and 8.16±0.58, respectively at a level
of p value < 0.05.


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