Food Proteins and Peptides: Chemistry, Functionality, Interactions and Commercialization


  • Tita Foophow


Food Proteins


People who are interested in the application of proteins and peptides in food
will be interested in reading this book. It is divided into 17 chapters covering
fundamentals of chemistry and structure-function relationships in food proteins and
peptides, characterization of proteins and peptides in solubility emulsification and
foaming, the interactions and functionalities of food proteins and peptides, and
technology advances in bioactive peptides. Furthermore, industry perspectives and
commercial trends for food proteins and bio-peptides are included along
with examples used in the food industry, Readers will clearly understand the
characterization and application of food proteins and peptides. The knowledge
offered by the authors will allow readers to develop new food products. This
book is suitable for researchers and students in field related to biochemistry,
biotechnology, food science and technology, nutrition, and medicine as well as
people who are involved in food research development and food quality control.


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