Effect of Ruesi Dadton on vital capacity, flexibility and range of motion in healthy elderly individuals

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Phaksachiphon Khanthong
Ananya Dechakhamphu
Amornrat Natason


Pulmonary function and physical performance decrease with age, resulting in an increase in morbidity and mortality in the elderly. Ruesi Dadton (RD) combines various protocols for health promotion suitable for all ages, including deep breathing and stretching. The aims of this quasi-experimental study were to investigate the effectiveness of RD on vital capacity and the physical performance in healthy elderly individuals after 4 and 12 weeks in pre-post intervention. Twenty-three participants were instructed to perform RD for 60 min, 3 times/week over a 12-week period. Measurement tools included spirometry device, a sit-and-reach (SR) box, and a goniometer to measure vital capacity (VC), which flexibility and range of motion were assessed. All parameters showed significant improvement. SR and shoulder flexion improved at all measurement time-points. VC and hip extension were significantly different after 12 weeks of RD. Shoulder extension significantly increased after 12 weeks of RD versus that at baseline and the 4-week timepoint. Hip flexion significantly improved from baseline to the 12-week timepoint. However, there was no change in shoulder abduction. Thus, it is recommended that the use of RD for health promotion may improve respiratory and musculoskeletal function in healthy elderly individuals.


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Khanthong, P., Dechakhamphu, A., & Natason, A. (2022). Effect of Ruesi Dadton on vital capacity, flexibility and range of motion in healthy elderly individuals. Science, Engineering and Health Studies, 16, 22050003. https://doi.org/10.14456/sehs.2022.8
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