A Compulsory Third Party Insurance’s tag tax expiry date monitoring by using image processing


  • Sansanee Hiranchan King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok
  • Thanatip Aradsantia
  • Autthaphon Aimdom
  • Metee Iampapai
  • Mahasak Ketchum


Image processing, Image recognition, Text processing, Machine vision


This research presents the design of the CCTV camera label enforcement process and image processing as part 4 in Step 1, details and converting to black and white images. Step 2: Finding a car location Truck camera (Frame photography) with the technique of positioning interest in the image and take it. Step 3. Improve the image of the area of interest by adjusting the picture limit that shows the border of the image that determines the boundary of the body area. Font of interest with DP techniques, estimation and improvement of received images There are appropriate degrees for the competitors compared to the template characters. Step 4 Comparing the characters in the image by using template matching techniques to get and compile the images. Baked found that the research program was able to accurately capture the tax sign from the sample image of the front of the car. The images received have a low discrepancy. But the said discrepancy affects the area of the square around the number year of the label. As a result, the program is unable to read the given number. The program's precision at 70 percent can increase the accuracy by Add local template information.


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Hiranchan, S., Aradsantia, T. ., Aimdom, A. ., Iampapai , M., & Ketchum , M. . (2020). A Compulsory Third Party Insurance’s tag tax expiry date monitoring by using image processing. Science Technology and Innovation Journal, 1(2), 1–10. Retrieved from https://li01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/stij/article/view/241693



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