Fabricated hollow steel equipment use in the production of DIY spacer used with Metered-dose inhaler


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DIY spacer device, Improvement, Fabricated hollow steel


The problems encountered during perforated plastic is the size doesn’t fit with mouthpiece of the metered-dose inhaler (MDI), It takes a long time to perforated plastic and melted plastic smell can be toxic and cause harmful health effects. The purpose of this study is to develop equipment for perforate plastic cup for production of DIY spacer used with metered-dose inhaler. At the result of the research, there are 2 steps of making perforated plastic by soldering iron and blade soldering which is drawing pattern and cutting on plastic cup. For fabricated hollow steel, there is only one step which is cutting plastic. The results of the study indicated that the average speed of fabricated hollow steel = 0.22 minutes (S.D. 1.91), followed by the soldering iron which the average speed = 1.18 minutes (S.D. 7.61) and blade Soldering is the lowest average speed at 3.19 Minutes (S.D. 19.83), and statistically significant at the 0.05 level.


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