Effect of Osmotic Dehydration on Qualities of Intermediate Moisture Melon Product

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This research was experimental work to study the effect of osmotic dehydration on the qualities of intermediate moisture melon products. Melon (Cucumismelo var. Indorus) greennet varieties cubes (2 x 2 x 2 cm) were soaked in glucose concentration at 50 ºBrix for 5 hr and then drying at 60, 70, and 80 ºC. The initial moisture content was approximately 88 %wb and dried until its moisture content decreased to approximately 20 %wb. The drying times to reach the equilibrium moisture content for the fresh melon were 480, 420, and 390 min at 60, 70 and, 80 ºC, respectively. Physicochemical property and sensory qualities were investigated. It was found that the decrease of moisture in drying time was not a linear correlation with drying time. At high drying temperatures (80 ºC), the maximum drying rate was 5.588 kg/hr and decreased to 4.115 kg/hr and 4.359 kg/hr at 60 and 70 ºC, respectively. The result revealed that lightness (L*), moisture content, and water activity (aw) of dried osmotic dehydrated melon decreased. In contrast, a*, b*, ∆E* and total soluble solid increased with an increase in drying temperature. The highest overall liking score was obtained in dried osmotic dehydrated melon, which was soaked in 50 ºBrix of glucose combined with dried at 70 ºC.


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