Development of Snack Bar from Black Sesame Seed and Coconut Meal by Extrusion Process

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Suteera Vatthanakul
Jongsiri Panekwong


This research aimed to develop a snack bar made from sesame and coconut meal that was acceptable to consumers. The appropriate formulations of syrup for combining the snack bar was studied by using maltitol syrup as a glucose syrup substitute to reduce calories of the product. For the development of extruded by twin screw extruder used feed rate 15-25 kg / hr screw speed  250 rpm, 15% humidity and temperature of barrels amount 180oC. The development of extruded was varied by varying the ratio of corn grit 70-90%, black sesame 5-25% and coconut meal 5-25% with constrained mixture design to conduct 7 formulations used in the extrusion process. The extruded products were different in color, density, hardness and expansion rate that resulting the ratio of raw materials in the formulation. The formula contained less corn grit, more black sesame or coconut meal had low in expansion rate while high in density and hardness. Selected the formula of extruded products with a ratio of corn grit : black sesame : coconut meal was equal to 76.5: 11.75: 11.75 by considering the consumer acceptance and nutritional value of the product. Consumer testing (60 consumers) of snacks bar added with black sesame and coconut meal indicated that overall liking of the developed product was “like slightly to like moderately”


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