Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Efficiency of Sesbania Flower Coated with Chilli Pastes

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Papimon Prachongpun
Amporn Jamphon
Parisut Chalermchaiwat
Samoekhan Kampeera
Rangsita Chunhom


This research aims to study the chemical composition and antioxidant efficiency of the Sesbania flower and the Sesbania flower coated with chilli paste products. The quality of fresh and dried Sesbania flowers conducted at 60°C for 6 hours and 70°C for 4 hours was assessed. The results showed that ash, protein, fat, crude fiber, and carbohydrate were 7.08, 26.41, 2.68, 13.36 and 50.47%, respectively. Additionally, the crude fiber content is not significant (p>0.05). Fresh Sesbania flower heated affected the bioactive compounds and antioxidant efficiency (total phenolic compound content and flavonoid content), and antioxidant performances by DPPH and FRAP methods were also significantly decreased (p≤0.05). The Sesbania flowers are mixed with two pastes, Ta-Dang chilli paste and Mackerel chilli paste, and baked at 60°C for 6 hours and 70°C for 4 hours. They showed the crude fiber of 9.23 and 9.59 %, respectively. In addition, dried mackerel chilli paste coated Sesbania flower had the highest protein content, 37.56%. Moreover, dried Sesbania flower coated with Ta-Dang chilli paste and mackerel chilli paste displayed the total phenolic content of 37.49 and 29.17 mg GAE/100 g, flavonoid contents of 4.08 and 3.30 mg catechin/100 g, free radical scavenging activities (by DPPH) of 97.39 and 74.10 mg ascorbic acid/100 g, and ferric reducing antioxidant powers (FRAP) of 105.52 and 75.52 mg FeSO4/100 g, respectively.


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