The Categorization of Consumer’s Behavior for Fresh Pineapple Using 2-Step Clustering

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Sarinna Maplook
Neunghatai Chaiaporn


Thailand relies on pineapples, a cost-effective and nutritious fruit. This study aims to identify factors influencing consumer behavior towards fresh pineapples, categorized by marketing mix. A 2-steps cluster analysis was used to group consumer behavior variables, while demographic traits were examined to identify elements that impact the marketing mix. The study included a randomly selected sample of 405 individuals who participated by completing a questionnaire resulting in a confidence efficiency of 0.859. The data analysis consisted of the Mann-Whitney U test, Kruskal-Wallis test, and 2-step clustering. The test revealed three customer groups: regular consumers, non-consumers, and normal consumers. The segmentation of the groups achieved an effectiveness rate of 69.20 percent, indicating that all four components of the marketing mix have an impact on consumer behavior. Additionally, employment status was identified as a significant factor in the marketing mix of fresh pineapples, with a significance threshold of 0.05.

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Physical Sciences


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